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Émilie de Condé born in Paris on 28 july 1978.



Fascinated by drawing and painting at a very early age, Emilie de Conde, born in 1978 in Paris, visited a plastic art workshop. At the age of six she participated in her first exhibition, where her compositions were very original, well created and enjoyed.

Emilie attended Martenot’s School of Art for the next ten years, learning drawing and painting techniques. Thanks to the Martenot’s education, more sensory than theoretical, she developed her vision to feel the balance of size and colour and how to master improvisation.

The renowned painter and sculptor, Joel Blanc, introduced her to the art of sketching. Emilie then, pad in hand, visited diverse exhibitions in Le Louvre, Guimet, Rodin and Orsay Museums. She showed a keen interest in the Impressionists, but also for Turner, Delauney and Van Gogh. Inspired by them, she moved on to oil painting and at eighteen discovered her preference for chiselling the oil with a knife.

In Paris, whilst visiting an exhibition dedicated exclusively to the Water Lily series of Monet’s paintings, Emilie at last understood what she was trying to achieve in her own art, including the movements of life, together with the energy of light and dark.

To widen her perspectives and to search for creativity, she travelled through India, Nepal, Asia and Australia, visiting the forest in Queensland and aboriginal lands. Emilie realised that the act of painting was not to be taken lightly. It entails a continuation of the experience and increase in awareness.

On her return from the Far East in 2007, she found more inspiration to paint naturally in abstract. In Bordeaux she organised an exhibition “Echoes of Journeys”, where her work was shown successfully for two months.

At present, Emilie lives in the idyllic Perigord Noir region of France and dedicates herself to her art. Her paintings are created by layers of bright, super imposed colours, with subtle movements of the knife, which lead to reliefs and transparencies. Her paintings reveal lively work where bizarre images sometimes appear.

For Emilie de Conde to make a successful painting it is necessary for her not to make a simple image, but to transform the intensity of colour pigments and the texture of the oil into subtle variations. This chemistry gives beauty, enjoyment, sensibility and a feeling of individuality to the viewer.